Handmade (really), organic, distilled and bottled by Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, MI.

Back Label: Not A King Whiskey
In 1794 Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist Paper #12 that a tax on whiskey “should tend to diminish the consumption of it”, and that “such an effect would be equally favorable to the agriculture, to the economy, to the morals, and to the health of the society.” During the Whiskey Rebellion that followed, tax collectors would be tarred, whipped, and feathered.

Product Information: Our Not a King Whiskey is a nod back to George Washington’s original rye whiskey recipe. Rye takes center stage with corn serving as the secondary grain in the mash bill. At first pour, notes of honey explode from the glass and a creamy, buttery body coats the tongue. As the whiskey opens up on the palate, flavors of stone, fruit, orange peel and apricot shine. The finish is long and sweet with a subtle smokiness.

Not a King was review by F. Paul Pecult and given 5 stars, his highest recommendation for this finely crafted whiskey. Paul, the founder of the acclaimed Spirit Journal, remarked: “Mashbill is 60% rye/40% corn. Pretty speia / cinnamon color; very good clarity. Wow, there’s a keen spiciness in the first nosing pass that evolves into seeded (caraway) rye bread and new saddle leather; more aeration helps to develop deeper fragrances of rye snack cracker (Ryvita), rye bread, ground black pepper. Entry is sweeter, more sap-like and resiny than the bouquet and turns stunningly maple-like right before the midpalate stage; midpalate is caramelized, succulent, toasted, maple all over the place and fabulously tasty. Finishes long, resiny / oaky, rich in texture, a little spiky alcohol-wise, but luscious and creamy. A pinnacle achievement for this Michigan distiller.” Spirit Journal June 2016 / 5 stars / Highest Recommendation

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