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Jocassee Gin 750 ml
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Jocassee Gin 750 ml


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Jocassee Gin is a new American gin handcrafted in small batches in Greenville, SC.

We work in small, highly controlled batches to ensure every sip is of the highest quality possible.

Locally sourced heirloom corn, red wheat, and barley are used as the foundation for our spirits.

We measure, cut, and blend every element of our craft with a careful, artisanal hand.

Locally harvested honeysuckle and magnolia blossoms blend elegantly with a trinity of fresh citrus flavors.

Tasting Notes Of Jocassee Gin

Nose :

The nose has some green floral notes at the top. Jōcassee Gin leads with a bit of honeysuckle and gardenia, i.e. fresh white flower, and then some citrus, lemon zest and bitter orange notes. There’s a hint of angelica on the nose as well, which may be either angelica or juniper.

Palate :

The palate of this Gin certainly has more juniper than it might have seemed from just the first nose. Coriander and suggestion of sweet spice meld with a strong citrus backed mid-palate. Grapefruit comes through most clearly here. White grapefruit and then a bit of grapefruit rind and pine-forward juniper. The juniper and citrus zest continues into the finish which has a bit of ripe floral undertone.

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