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Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon 108 Proof

Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon 108 Proof


Jim Beam Single Barrel 108 Proof is the first single barrel bottling from the world’s most loved bourbon brand. Single Barrel is hand-selected for outstanding taste and color by our expert distillers, ensuring the highest quality. No two barrels are the same and each barrel will have a differentiated taste profile with full and robust flavors at 108 proof.

One of the early players in the premium bourbon space with their Small Batch collection, Jim Beam Single Barrel gives classic Jim Beam the specialty twist. Being a single barrel bottling, it might vary slightly from one batch to the next. It is bottled at 95 proof to commemorate the first barrel of Jim Beam made in 1795.

On the nose this smells like, well, bourbon. Oak, char smoke, and vanilla. Those familiar with Beam will recognize the taste, albeit in a slightly burlier fashion. There’s big char and oak, sweet caramel corn, even a hint of orange peel bitterness, all playing very well with one another. Black pepper and chocolate sneak in during the warm, lingering finish. This is an exceptionally enjoyable classic bourbon.

Jim Beam Single Barrel Whiskey has gone has released a Single Barrel expression of its wonderful Bourbon! As you can probably guess from the name, each bottle is drawn from a single barrel – no blending here. Less that 1% of Jim Beam barrels are selected to become Single Barrel releases! The ones that do get chosen are impressive indeed, full of deep, rich, oaky vanilla and generous caramel notes that top-notch Bourbon is known for. Decadent stuff.


Apple pie and rye spices, with buttery corn and oaky vanilla.


Oak char leads into creamy vanilla, brown sugar, burnt caramel and peppery spice.


Hints of dried apricot, toasty oak and baking spices.

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