Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion Vodka -
Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion Vodka

Jewel of Russia Berry Infusion Vodka


Jewel Russia Berry Vodka – The intense flavor and aroma that results from this traditional process far surpasses any flavored vodka and the existing popular vodka-juice compounds.  Unlike a number of vodka distillers they use a blend of hard winter wheat and rye using water drawn from deep artesian wells (over 500 ft.). It is distilled 5 times, then filtered 5 times, each using the usual Russian method of paper, sand, then finally through specially-modified charcoal made from the stones of peaches and apricots, a special technique of the Chernogolovka distillery.

Tasting Notes Of Jewel Russia Berry Vodka


Clear, no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a a thicker clear coat on the inside of the glass and almost seems a bit viscous. Nice deep red color that is not the result of adding some red dye – a refreshing change from the usual!

First Impression:

Fruity,slightly acidic, very true cranberry smells.


Sweet entry, very slight warming of alcohol as it goes down the throat, and a acidic/astringent finish from the cranberries. Nice firm mineral taste to the water component. Slightly woody taste that may be useful for cocktails- not sure how to use it but unusual and useful at the same time.


Makes for a very nice Cosmo. Could also be quite the addition to a punch or glog. Also could be used instead of Maraschino or Kirsch for a twist on a recipe calling for either.

Final Thoughts:

A very nice infusion of cranberry and vodka and a very worthy bottle for any mixologist’s bar. Flavor is excellent and the outstanding vodka base is a plus. It is very rare to find an infused vodka out there – flavored ones abound but are pale imitations. This one is definitely worth hunting down.

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Category Flavored Vodka
Region Russia
Brand Jewel of Russia
Alcohol/vol 20%
Proof 40.00

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Weight 1 lbs