Jean Fillioux Cognac 1ER Cru Reserve Familiale Tres Vieille -
Jean Fillioux Cognac 1Er Cru Reserve Familiale Tres Vieille 750ml
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Jean Fillioux Cognac 1Er Cru Reserve Familiale Tres Vieille 750ml


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Jean Fillioux Cognac from the Grande Champagne region. This is an authentic, family-owned, and operated Estate from the center of the cognac appellation. This is truly a fabulous cognac, built from 45-year-old stocks!

Founded in 1880 by Honoré Fillioux, the company is now run by his great-grandson Pascal J. Fillioux, and the Great-great-grand-son Christophe Fillioux, who works side by side in the distillery and in the cellar, a team that has been successful for over a decade.

The House of Jean Fillioux belongs to a select group of traditional family estates who have successfully defended their upper-quality niche over several decades by producing consistently authentic Cognacs that rest on century-old traditions, patience, and love to become the masterpieces true connoisseurs appreciate.

An oldy but a goody, at 45 years old. The first aromas are subtle hints of dried pear seated in an oaky base. With aeration, the second pass unearths fine, even delicate scents of rancio and hard cheese, while the third pass adds hints of citrus, moss, cedar, and tobacco.

The palate entry is softly sweet, as velvety flavors of raisins and citrus meld with the oak. The midpalate is sweet—in an oaky fashion—and very smooth. The finish is rather short and features old oak.

Testing Notes:

The nose is rich and fruity. There are notes of candied peels, berry fruits, orchard fruits, banana, oak, spice, honey, and a little Madeira. The palate is big-bodied and rich with orchard fruits, marmalade, honey, and spice. The finish is long and rich with oak and spice.

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