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Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire 2 Pack 375Ml
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Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire 2 Pack 375Ml


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Warm cinnamon. exceptionally smooth. Sometimes, mixing fire and whiskey is a good thing. Our Tennessee Fire blends warm cinnamon liqueur with the bold character of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 for a classic spirit with a surprisingly smooth finish.

Tennessee- Jack’s original red-hot cinnamon liqueur is blended with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. The result: Jack Fire, a classic spirit that delivers a delicious finish. Invite your smoothest friends over and combine with a bottle of Jack Fire to heat up your night.

A new and exciting twist, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire is crafted by skillful blending of JD’s original proprietary smoking-hot cinnamon liqueur with Old No.7 and is a totally new and all-encompassing experience for the senses.

The nose is treated to a pleasurable intense cinnamon-spice aroma laid upon the familiar mellow vanilla, oak and raisin foundation of Old No 7 which sets the mouth watering.

The sip is sweet, joined rapidly by an almighty cinnamon-spice kick. the mouth-feel is soft and medium bodied, the cinnamon heat complimented by the delicious richness of taste and velvet smoothness you expect of Jack Daniels.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire delivers a rich, complex and multi-dimensional tasting experience. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, on its own, brings flavors of toasted wood, roasted nuts, and vanilla beans. Our proprietary and unique cinnamon liqueur perfectly complements the whiskey flavors by adding warm, indulgent and spicy notes of ground cinnamon, delicate cinnamon bark, and spicy clove. The result: a delicious Jack.




Distinctive Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey nose, balanced with indulgent bakery spice



Red hot cinnamon complemented by the authentic taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with the perfect amount of sweetness



The unmistakable character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with an intense yet surprisingly smooth warm cinnamon

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Category Whiskey
Region United States, Tennessee
Brand Jack Daniel’s
Alcohol/vol 35%
Proof 70.00