McConnell's 5 Year Irish Whisky -
Mcconnells 5 Year Irish Whisky 750ml
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Mcconnells 5 Year Irish Whisky 750ml


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A five-year-old Irish whiskey from McConnell’s, inspired by the historical McConnell’s 5 Year Blend founded in Belfast in 1776. Matured in American oak casks this spicy, floral whiskey offers notes of peppery oak, honeysuckle, vanilla, milk chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg throughout the palate.

McConnell’s 5 Year was first established in Belfast by in 1776 by a pair of brothers, disappeared in 1958 and was then revived once more! This here is the 5 Year Old from the range, a blend that has been matured in American oak barrels. A enjoyably spicy Irish whiskey!

McConnell’s Irish Whisky is a brand that was first established in Belfast in 1776 by brothers John & James McConnell and is the oldest whisky brand to come from Ireland. Although the brand went dormant in 1958, Conecuh Brands has relaunched it in 2020. Great Northern Distillery based in Co. Louth made the whisky as the brand awaits its own distillery in Belfast to open. This is an Irish blend that aged 5 years in American oak. Bottled at 42% ABV.
McConnell’s Irish Whisky, it is said, once enjoyed great popularity in the U.S. from the late 1800’s right through the early part of the 20th century until Prohibition sent it into hard times. Noted as well for reportedly being the oldest whiskey brand ever to come from Ireland, having been founded in 1776 by two brothers, John & James McConnell, it is now making a comeback to the United States after over 90 years of dormancy.


Somewhat floral, with notes of cedar, sweet spice and peppery oak.


Mace and earthy vanilla pod, with golden syrup and Crunchy bar.


Dark treacle and toasted spices.

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