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Imperian Quince Brandy
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Imperian Quince Brandy


Imperian Quince Brandy was created from fully mature, selected, and hand-picked fruits of quince, under controlled fermentation conditions, with a special process of double distillation to maintain the unique aroma of this fruit.

Colorless fruit brandy distilled of ripe quince in the old way, with fruity fragrance preserved. Made of selected, ripe quince during a controlled alcoholic fermentation with a carefully conducted procedure of double distillation in order to preserve the aroma of this fruit.

He is the holder of the Golden Plaques from the International Fair in Ljubljana.

After the harmonization of brandy, it is offered to enjoy the true fans of this drink. Imperian Quince Brandy is consumed at room temperature, usually as an aperitif drink.

Packed and packaged in two types of bottles, such as lux packing and economical packaging.

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