Ilegal Special Edition Mezcal Anejo 750ml
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Ilegal Special Edition Mezcal Anejo 750ml


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Each Ilegal Mezcal Is Certified By COMERCAM (Mexico’s Regulatory Body For Mezcal) As Being Produced Naturally — The Only Ingredients In The Mezcal Are 100% Wild Espadín Agave, Oaxacan Sun, Water And Time.

Ilegal Mezcal Añejo Is Aged For Thirteen Months In Medium-Charred American Oak, Medium-Charred French Oak And Used Bourbon Casks. As A Result, While Each Batch Of Ilegal Mezcal Añejo Is Slightly Different, The Mezcal Boasts Expressive Notes Of Roasted Pineapples, Citrus And Smoke. The Flavors Open Up To Notes Of Figs, Tobacco, And Slight Hints Of Caramel, Which Are Layered Over A Chocolate, Peppery Finish.

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