Humboldt Distillery Humboldt's Finest Vodka -
Humboldt Distillery Humboldts Finest Vodka 750 ml
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Humboldt Distillery Humboldts Finest Vodka 750 ml


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Humboldt Distillery’s Hemp Infused Vodka may simply sound like something fun to try once, but don’t be fooled by the novelty of the hemp infusion. This vodka is the 6th ranked premium vodka in the whole state of California and we can attest to it’s deliciousness. Here at The Crafty Cask we know Abe personally so you can feel great about supporting. A true craft artist and overall great guy with the purchase of this bottle and any of his other spirits.

Humboldt’s Finest is infused with a legal food-grade hemp, without any detectable THC, so it could be sold in all 50 states,” says Abe Stevens, founder of Humboldt Distillery. “It does, however, retain an herbal and aromatic quality reminiscent of fresh cannabis that gives it an almost gin-like character.

Just off the beaten path, you’ll discover locally grown hemp infused in a spirit that is undeniably True California. Our botanicals won’t get you high, but they will lift your spirits with this unique liquid that drinks like a gin, but not. Made in small batches, Humboldt’s Finest incorporates the fresh character of aromatic terpenes for. A totally unique twist on botanical spirits. Try our local flavor with your favorite mixer for a bright, herbal, easy drinking escape from the commonplace. Legal in all 50 states.

  • Infused With Locally Grown Hemp
  • THC-Free And CBD-Free
  • Aromatic Terpenes Provide A Distinctive Fresh Herbal Character
  • Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition


On the nose, it’s very neutral. There is a bit of candied sugar, along with a bit of lemon and a hint of wet stone minerality.


On the palate, the vodka is incredibly smooth, with citrus notes and a mild pepperiness, along with vanilla and butterscotch notes.


The finish is long, but very neutral, with lingering citrus notes and a mild pepperiness.

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