HookerS House Bourbon Generals Reserve 7/21 Cohabitation 750ml


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We are excited to announce the most recent bottling of Hooker’s House Bourbon Cohabitation, barrel C-6. This project started in 2013 when we blended 7 barrels of Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged from 7 to 21 years into 7 new and reused French oak wine barrels. Over the last 5+ years, our modified Solera aging has produced barrels of amazing Bourbon. In 2017 we introduced 10-year-old Bourbon into the Solera system making the blends age now 11-26 years old.  High quality Bourbon, access to fresh wine barrels and creative aging process are at the heart of Cohabitation. Hooker’s House Bourbon, Cohabitation combines the vibrancy of younger bourbon with the smooth phenols and vanillins of older bourbon. Barrel C-6 is the best example of the benefits of Solera aging and how selective barreling can guide Bourbon’s flavor profile in new directions.

The name “Cohabitation 7/21” comes from the fact that this bourbon from Prohibition Spirits Distillery is a blend of bourbon aged from 7 to 21 years in a modified solera system. Prohibition Spirits is based in Sonoma, California, and their range of whiskeys is named after Union General Joseph Hooker, the one time commander of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War.

There are currently five Hooker’s House Whiskey variations, ranging from 100% rye to 100% corn. Prohibition Spirits is based in Sonoma, California and the location inspiration is clear: all of their whiskeys are “Sonoma-style.” Hooker’s House Bourbon and Rye are both finished in (different) wine barrels retired from local wineries, and Hooker’s House Cohabitation 7/21 Bourbon uses solera aging, a process generally reserved for cognacs, ports and sherries. This latter limited supply expression is a blend of Prohibition Spirit’s best barrels of their straight, sourced bourbon whiskey, aged from 7 to 21 years.

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