HookerS House 10 Year Old Sonoma Style American Whiskey 750ml


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Hooker’s House 10 Year old bourbon is a bit rare in that it uses a “double barrel” aging process. The process in and of itself is not rare in the whisky world with a host of Scotches starting life in ex-bourbon barrels and then ending up in ex-sherry butts or wine casks of some sort. Though in the world of Bourbon this is kind of a novelty… and a pretty delicious one at that.

The first seven years of Hooker’s House’s life is spent in Kentucky and then this insanely high rye bourbon (54% corn & 46% rye) gets moved to California where it then spends 9 months in pinot noir barrels sourced from the Schug Winery in Sonoma Valley. All of this culminates in a rich delicious bourbon that has as much character as it’s namesake.

During the Civil War General Hooker liked to indulge himself in the nocturnal activities with women of ill repute. So much so that he, and his men, accumulated a large following of these women that went with them everywhere they went including Sonoma Valley where he had a house. Eventually these women became known as Hooker’s girls and from there they just became known as Hookers and the moniker stuck.

We are excited to announce the most recent bottling of Hooker’s House 10 year old whiskey. Barrel CW-9 was personally selected from out inventory for is smooth and approachable character. The 100 corn whiskey was aged in used Bourbon barrels for 9 years before being finished in french oak Cabernet barrels. The results is an outstanding balance and mouth feel without overpowering oak influence from new barrels. This is a great entry level whiskey.


Ruddy Caramel


No surprise here but caramel and vanilla come tearing out of the glass. Shooting up in their wake comes a dark fruit leather and hint of red wine. Together these four make up the bulk of the aroma, but not the entirety. Rye spice definitely makes itself known along with some light oak and toasted brown sugar.


Caramel is the lead character here with orange, buttery fruit, a shockingly subdued rye and oaky red wine playing supporting roles. In the background we have a syrupy grape like Dimetapp which issues in an undercurrent of medicinal properties.


This is so smooth and velvety that I forgot it was 100 proof. Very warming going down and borders on luxurious.


A long dry finish that starts with wood and wine but slowly fade to a leathery rye.

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