High West Vodka 7000


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High West Vodka

The High West Vodka 7000’ Comes From Our Favorite Grain, Oats. According To Old Distilling Manuals, Distillers From The 1800’S Considered Oats To Make A Superior Tasting Libation. Today, Oats Are No Longer Used Because Of Their High Cost And Difficulty To Distill. But We Think Their Subtle Nutty And Vanilla Flavor Is Worth The Extra Effort. That’s Why We’ve Created Vodka 7000’, The Only Vodka In The Word That’s Made From Oats.

High West Vodka is perhaps better known for their rye whiskey releases, but they do produce a vodka. Consider this an “oat-flavored” vodka. They distill 85% oats along with 15% malted barley. They then blend that with a base vodka made from wheat and corn. The vodka is not chill-filtered or carbon treated. 7000′ is the exact elevation of their bar at the distillery in Park City, Utah.

Vodka 7000′ is an American oat vodka from the High West distillery out in Utah, who also have a selection of rather delicious whiskeys. The name “Vodka 7000′” isn’t to make it sound like a high tech vodka from the future – 7000′ is the exact elevation of the High West Distillery’s bar.

Creamy aroma with notes of orange peel and grapefruit on the palate. The finish is delicate, with hints of toasted oats and sweet toffee.

The World’s Only Oat Vodka. Clean smooth and silky with notes of vanilla and sweetness; lovely, balanced and very mellow. Enjoy on the rocks or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

Appearance / Color:


Nose / Aroma / Smell:

Vanilla, grain, citrus.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

Toffee, oats, hemp rope.


Delicate, tingling and distinctive.

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