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Hendricks Gin 750 Ml
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Hendricks Gin 750 Ml


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Hendrick’s Gin 750 Ml has a fierce following, in part because of its quirky brand personality (see the Monty Python-esque website) and aggressive marketing among bartenders. But it lives up to the hype. Some might expect a more concentrated rosewater-cucumber profile, but it’s relatively subtle, with just a hint of cucumber mingling with juniper in the aroma, and white pepper, citrus and floral notes on the lingering finish. This item is available for Gift Wrap.

Hendrick’s Gin 750 Ml is  distinctive but delicious handcrafted gin is not for everyone! Hendrick’s, distilled in Scotland in small batches and is infused with the essence of cucumber and rose petals. Breathing new life to the conventional martini, or with a dash of tonic and a wedge of fresh cucumber, it is a truly unique cocktail experience.

This unconventionally modern spirit from Scotland is produced in small batches by combining spirits made in 2 rare and unusual stills: the Bennet and the Carter-Head. Its non-juniper-forward botanical signature recipe is joined by a unique infusion of rose petal and cucumber essences, rending a fresh, smooth and subtle gin. It won a Silver medal in 2016 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Clear. Delicate aromas of cucumber, rose, honeyed citrus and floral juniper with a satiny dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with a long, elegant and smooth finish. A sensationally flavorful and seamless gin.
Hendrick’s Gin is made with hints of Coriander, Juniper, Citrus Peel, Rose Petals, and an infusion of Cucumber. This palate of flavors imparts a surprisingly balanced, delectable complexity. The taste is clean and refreshing, yet unusually rich for a gin.
Brand/Company : HENDRICKS
Style : Gin
Size : 750 ML
Country : Scotland
Type/Varieta l: Gin
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