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Hayman’s “Royal Dock” Navy Strength Gin

Hayman’s “Royal Dock” Navy Strength Gin


Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin decided to create the Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin following demand for higher strength spirits from bartenders and is named after the old Naval base in Deptford, East London. This Gin comes straight from the family archives, with records showing that the Gin was supplied to the Royal Navy as far back as 1863. Fighting fit at 57.5% ABV, this is a punchy gin with huge flickers of citrus and an intense heat.

Hayman’s Distillery has its origins in the early days of gin distilling in London. In fact, the original company was acquired by none other than James Burrough of Beefeater Gin fame. The Hayman family worked in distilling for five generations before Christopher Hayman, the great great grandson of James Burrough, brought the Hayman name back to the fore of gin distilling.

The Hayman family, the longest running gin producing family in England, returned to their family archives to produce Hayman’s Royal Dock Navy-Strength Gin. Using a recipe from 1863, they created this Navy-Strength Gin. Named for the Deptford Dock in London, one of the famous homes for the Royal Navy, this gin was given to British sailors during the 19th century.

Tasting Notes Of Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin


 The nose is aromatic with citrus and floral notes, namely orange blossom.


The mouth-feel is smooth with an intensity of flavour thanks to the higher strength.


The finish is long and protracted with pleasing juniper flavours.


A well-balanced and intense Navy Strength gin.

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