Handy and Schiller Barreled Old Fashioned Signature Cocktail 750ml
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Handy and Schiller Barreled Old Fashioned Signature Cocktail 750ml

$104.98 $83.98

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Exclusively from The Sazerac Company, this Old Fashioned pre-mixed cocktail is blended perfectly, then aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Sazerac Rye barrels to impart an additional smooth, oaky flavor.

The Handy and Schiller brand was named in honor of two founding personalities of the Sazerac Company. In 1857, John Schiller became part owner of New Orleans’ Sazerac Coffee House, named for the first branded cocktail in America, the “Sazerac Brandy.” By 1860, Schiller had become the sole owner of the coffee house, and hired Thomas Handy, who would take over the business nine years later. His Thomas Handy Co. would specialize in importing Sazerac Brandy and other wines and liquors from France. Handy eventually changed the recipe of the Sazerac cocktail, replacing the French brandy with American rye whiskey, Peychaud’s bitters, and a dash of absinthe.
Reminiscent of old New Orleans ironwork, the embossed tin labels provide the barreled cocktails with a warm patina of age, with an additional applied natural felt paper label detailing the ingredients and provenance of each variety.

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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Bourbon
Brand Handy
Alcohol/vol 42%