Hampden Estate 8 Year Single Jamaican Rum 750ml
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Hampden Estate 8 Year Single Jamaican Rum 750ml


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Produced With Unique And Partly Secret Methods That Have Remained Unchanged Since The 18th Century. The Result Is A Distillate With A Distinct Aromatic Profile Due In Great Part To An Extremely High Level Of Esters.
The Rum Has Been Aged For 8 Years In Jamaica (Tropical Climate), Equivalent To Almost 25 Years Of Maturation In The European Climate.

The Nose Is Voluptuous And Intense, With Notes Of Caramelized Apple And Sweet Spices Mixed With A Delicate Touch Of Smokiness.
The Mouth Is Very Fascinating, Smooth & Dry At The Same Time (Sugar Free & Additives Free): It Reveals Very Pleasant Notes Of Wood, Tropical Fruits And Resin.

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Category Rum
Region Jamaica, Rum
Brand Hampden
Alcohol/vol 46%