Green Hat Citrus/floral Distilled Gin -
Green Hat Citrus/Floral Distilled Gin
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Green Hat Citrus/Floral Distilled Gin


Green Hat Citrus Gin is a unique expression of gin, featuring a clear juniper nose, floral cherry blossom and clover notes, the aromas of sun-baked rosemary, and a bright zestiness from fresh citrus. The result is a seasonally appropriate super-premium gin that makes a worthy limited addition to a gin-lover’s bar.

Distilled By Hand From 100% Grain And Select Botanicals In Small Batches In A Copper Pot Still. Every year in Washington DC there’s a festival celebrating the blooming of cherry blossoms. Inspired by the annual bloom, New Columbia Distillers crafted their gin. Juniper comes across clean, but it’s balanced by the shining cherry blossoms as well as fresh citrus notes. Celebrate the coming of Spring with New Columbia Distillers by pouring a little bit of  Gin in your cup and toasting to the annual bloom. Hand-made from grain to glass, each numbered batch of Green Hat Gin is crafted step-by-step over a one month period, featuring a clear juniper nose, hints of citrus lightness and coriander spice, a vague recollection of root botanical earthiness, a subtle note of grains of paradise pepperiness.


Origin: : District Of Columbia

Spirit Type: : Gin

Spirit Style: : Floral Gin

Abv: : 45.10

Proof: : 90.20

Tasting Notes Of Green Hat Citrus Gin




Lemon, Orange, Cherry Blossom


Lemon Oil, Fresh Citrus Peel, High Tone Juniper, Rose


Dynamic And Zesty

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