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Grande Absente


In the late 19th century during the Belle Epoque era in Paris, the renowned Absinthe culture was at its height of infamy. Absinthe was the trademark drink of artists like Degas, Manet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Oscar Wilde.  To recall this glorious time, Grande Absente, Absinthe Originale is one of the oldest traditional Absinthe recipes from the south of France.

Handcrafted in Provence like it was from 1860-1912, Grande Absente is made exclusively with the highest quality spirits and select botanicals from the region, including the legendary botanical Wormwood, also known as Artemisia Absinthium. Grande Absente is 138 proof so please drink with extreme caution!

Rather complex and multifaceted- especially compared to some we have been trying lately. Interesting bitter (wormwood and gentian), with the mint, balm, anise, and sugar with a star both in front and on its heel coating your tongue.

Nicely balanced and reasonably complex. A nicely balanced aroma of wormwood, mint, anise, lemon balm, among other things. This has a high proof and the alcohol presence makes itself known in the bouquet – but not in the overwhelming way which one would expect. While the alcohol does express its presence it is not overwhelming but does warn you this is serious stuff.

A vividly green Absinthe, Grand Absente Original is made to a pre-ban recipe at Distilleries et Domaines in Provence. This uses artisanal distillation techniques and local botanicals.

Appearance / Color:
Clear green

Nose / Aroma / Smell:

Dominating aroma of Absinthe Verte with its unmistakable hints of camphor and menthol, followed by fresh anise and spiciness.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

A wonderful blitzkrieg of Absinthe power, followed by a fresh march of spices.


Lingering finish with the spicy outro.
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