Grahams 20 Years Tawny Porto Port Wine 750ml
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Grahams 20 Years Tawny Porto Port Wine 750ml


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20 Years indicates and average age “ this Aged Tawny Port is a blend of older wines, which offer complexity and younger wines, which bring fresh fruit flavors and vibrancy. During their long maturing period in oak casks, Aged Tawnies undergo subtle color changes the deep red hue which characterizes Port’s youth gradually gives way to a paler golden amber color. Graham’s is known for its rich, elegant house style. This 20 Year has an intense, nutty bouquet, the classic Graham’s richness and a concentrated, lingering finish. Many consider the 20 Year to be the perfect blend of complexity and vibrant fruit when it comes to Aged Tawny. nbsp; Reflective honey hue. Mixed aromas of cola, brown sugar, pecan, citrus peel and cra me bra»lae. Creamy texture with butterscotch and warm caramel flavors spiked with an edgy, citrus zing. Alcohol adds a spiciness to the close. 93 Points The Wine News Offers caramel notes on the nose, with good cut to the ripe cherry and fruitcake flavors. Toffee and caramel accent the fresh finish, with notes of milk chocolate. Drink now. 90 Points Wine Spectator This is a hugely dry, burnt style, very concentrated. The licorice and bitter coffee flavors are dense, layered and well balanced with the acidity. A serious wine that demands attention. 90 Points Wine Enthusiast

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Category Wine
Region Portugal, Wine
Brand Grahams
Alcohol/vol 20%