Gourry De Chadeville 1Er Cru Du Cognac Saint Emilion Cask 750ml


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One of the oldest cognac houses in the grande champagne, the family has occupied the property since 1619. 100% ugni blanc, twice distilled on the lees indirect-fired copper pot stills. The Gourry De Chadeville was then aged, for the first four years in an st. Emilion (chat. Ausone) red wine cask, then the next four years in used cognac oak.

This cognac is unreal with a silky texture and flavors of orange, vanilla, butterscotch, and cherries. No additive or filtration and bottled cask strength at 55% abv. Only 598 bottles produced!

Our latest acquisition from Mr. Cognac himself, Nicolas Palazzi, is cask strength, non-chill filtered Cognac from one of the oldest producing Cognac houses in existence: Gourry de Charleville. Since 1619, when they first purchased the vineyard site, the Gourry estate has been distilling brandy and continues to have reserves that go back near a century.

Made from Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, and Colombard grapes, the 1er Cru release is bottled at 64.3%, which is not something we usually see in the genre. The flavors are delicate, yet the mouthfeel is huge and powerful.

Meandering between sweet fruit and cocoa before morphing into an earthy, spicier finish. Palazzi knew exactly what he was doing when he bottled this limited 330 bottle allocation: he wanted to court fans of high-proof American whiskey.

And, trust us, whether you like Cognac or George T. Stagg, you’re going to want a bottle of this. The Gourry de Chadeville is the type of Cognac that changes perceptions and alters points of view. It’s a total game-changer.

Testing Notes:

Its nose has a large variety of aromas, which reveal themselves with hints of vanilla, chocolate, and curry then jasmine and narcissus. The perfumes of candied fruits, saffron, ginger, and honey mix.

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