Glenmorangie The Nectar d’Or Sauternes Cask -
Glenmorangie The Nectar D’Or Sauternes Cask
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Glenmorangie The Nectar D’Or Sauternes Cask


Glenmorangie The Nectar 12-year-old Port Cask Finish, known as The Quinta Ruban, will now be aged for an additional two years and become a 14-year-old expression.  The extra two years of maturation brings out even deeper flavors of Seville orange and dark chocolate for a bolder, velvety whisky. The cask selection and the finishing process remain the same. In addition, the packaging will change from black to green, giving the new 14-year-old whisky better on-shelf stand out for browsing whisky lovers.

Aromas of lemon tart emerge alongside fresh vanilla pods, lime and orange zest. Sultanas and dates follow, laced with ginger, coconut and a hint of toasted oak. Silken textures bring sumptuous layers of crème caramel and warming gingerbread. Then nutmeg and toasted almonds entwine with meringue and honeycomb. Finish is sweet and mellow, balancing lemon zest, vanilla cream and final traces of ginger and nutmeg.

Here we have Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or, finished in lovely syrupy Sauternes wine casks! The single malt is initially aged in American oak bourbon casks before being transferred to wine casks from Sauternes, which previously held the sweet French wine. If you fancy this one in a Highball, pairing it with grapefruit soda and a wedge of lime works a treat.


Sweet citrus notes, with lemon curd and vanilla shortbread, followed by oak spice and gingerbread. Dried fruit follows with a drizzle of runny honey.


Silky and syrupy, with syrup sponge and vanilla custard, buttery baklava and toasted brown sugar.


Dry oak alongside lemon shortbread and gingersnap biscuits.

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This Glenmorangie The Nectar spirit is often flagged by bartenders and sommeliers as a favorite; it’s easy to see why. A decade in Bourbon casks, plus an extra two years in Sauternes barriques yields a fresh honeysuckle and vanilla perfume and a super-smooth spirit with creamy honey and nut flavors, with hints of dark chocolate and cinnamon. Very few spirits have such elegance and silky finesse. Good value, too.

Category Single Malt Scotch
Region United Kingdom, Scotland, Highland
Brand Glenmorangie
Alcohol/vol 46%

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Weight 750 lbs