Giffard Ginger Of The Indies Liqueur 700ml

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Liqueur made from the maceration of ginger roots balanced by a touch of vanilla, orange flower water, and coriander.”On the nose, balance between the power of ginger and coriander, the sweetness of vanilla, and the vivacity of the orange blossom. Gentle mouth at first, then very quickly the spices intensify the peppery and slightly citrusy taste of ginger. This liqueur truly plays on the contrasts of fire (spices), sweetness (sugar), power (alcohol), and lightness (freshness of the acidity).

Part of Giffard’s ‘Premium’ liqueur range, this ginger liqueur is made by the slow maceration of ginger from Asia in neutral alcohol, with orange blossom water and a hint of coriander. Ginger of the Indies is a premium ginger liqueur from top French producer Giffard, flavoured with macerated ginger root, vanilla, orange flower water and coriander.

A light coloured spicy liqueur with notes of ginger, coriander and a hint of vanilla sweetness, with the addition of orange blossom. This is a sweet, intensely rich and peppery ginger liqueur with a wonderfully authentic spice flavour.

The geograpical region of Southeast Asia is famous the world over for its rare and exotic spices, including the exquisite, fresh ginger we use to make this spicy liqueur. Use it to kick up the ginger in your favorite Moscow Mule recipe.


Slightly cloudy, straw yellow.


Cardamom and coriander seeds with vanilla and hints of ginger cake and faint orange blossom.


Initially syrupy sweet and floral but spicy ginger quickly intensifies with hot black peppery spice. Notes of lime cordial throughout.


Lingering ginger heat with lime cordial and fragrant orange blossom.

Giffard "Ginger of the Indies" Liqueur -
Giffard Ginger Of The Indies Liqueur 700ml $95.00 $76.00
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