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Gentenaar Gin
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Gentenaar Gin


Gentenaar Gin is the first gin to bill itself as a “single-city gin.” The concept is that all of the botanicals are sourced from within the city. Therefore when combined, the spirit is Ghent personified.

Gentenaar Gin features grapes among its botanicals, which is somewhat unusual— we see many distillers in wine growing regions incorporating grape into base spirits. This gin is entirely grain on the base, but uses grapes nonetheless. As a botanical they add a very different character. Otherwise, the botanical blend is fairly traditional featuring common supporting ingredients like coriander, angelica and citrus.

Tasting Notes Of Gentenaar Gin

Nose :

Gentenaar Gin’s aroma brings forth green, round juniper along with a complex mildly fruity spiciness. Bitter dried citrus peel, toasted pink peppercorn and unsweetened hibiscus tea and dried coriander seed— it evokes unusual references while still not being that unusual. Gentenaar Gin doesn’t smell classic to the nose, but it certainly smells like gin.

Palate :

The palate is rather complex, with vegetal notes dominating at times. A hint of pepper, cocoa and spice on the tip of the tongue as it enters the palate. Mild green juniper, sweetened spruce, and bergamot can be picked up early. Towards the finish notes of red table grape lead into notes one might compare to a bitter, dark, orange chocolate (heavy on the cacao content).

Finish :

The finish is long and moderately rooty, with a gentle perceptible chewiness suggestive of licorice root and a lingering note of cocoa.

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