Gavalas Santorini White 2020 750ml
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Gavalas Santorini White 2020 750ml


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Santorini Wine Is Produced From The Exquisite White Native Variety Of Assyrtiko Carefully Selected From The Traditional Vineyard Of The Island. This Vineyard Is Considered To Be The Oldest In Greece, It Has Never Been Affected By The Phylloxera Disease, And The Grapes Are Grown On Original Stock. The Result Is The Most Distinctive, Dry White Wine, Characterized By A Bright Yellow – White Colour. On The Nose Delicate Aromas Of Fruit – Pear, Lemon And Pineapple – Are Present. On The Palate, The Wine Is Smooth, Rich, Fruity And Full-Bodied. It Has A Balanced Acidity And Along Aftertaste. It Is Best Served Chilled At 45-50oF. An Ideal Accompaniment To Seafood, White Meat And Light Cheese.

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Category White-Wine
Region Greece, White-Wine
Brand Gavalas
Alcohol/vol 13%