Gavalas Santorini White 2020
Gavalas Santorini White 750ml
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Gavalas Santorini White 750ml


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Gavalas Santorini White

Gavalas Santorini White, sourced from old vines (50+ years), is dry, unoaked and comes in at 14.3% alcohol. Big and ripe but perfectly balanced, this is a wine that adds some spice and some of that characteristic that many might call saline. It remains fresh on the finish while opening up and airing out. This was tasted a bit later in the year than most recent vintages, but it does seem mostly resolved, ready to roll and harmonious today.

This Gavalas Santorini Dry White Wine, Characterized By A Bright Yellow – White Color. On The Nose Delicate Aromas Of Fruit – Pear, Lemon And Pineapple – Are Present. On The Palate, The Wine Is Smooth, Rich, Fruity And Full-Bodied. It Has A Balanced Acidity And Along Aftertaste. It Is Best Served Chilled At 45-50oF. An Ideal Accompaniment To Seafood, White Meat And Light Cheese.

Category: White-Wine

Region: Greece, White-Wine

Brand: Gavalas

Alcohol/vol: 14.3%

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