Garrison Brothers Boot Flask & Estacado Bourbon Whiskey 2 X 375 Ml


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Garrison Brothers “Boot Flask” Bourbon, 94 Proof:

“Yeah, we get it. Really good straight bourbon is expensive. And it comes in big, bulky bottles that may be challenging to take to the ball game, the rodeo, the dance or to fit into a Christmas stocking. But once you have tried it, drinking the cheap stuff sucks. Here is the solution: The Garrison Brothers Boot Flask is portable, affordable, and makes you the greatest gift giver of all time. We’ve got your back. Actually, we’ve got your back-pocket. Or your boot. Or maybe your purse.”

Estacado Port Finish Bourbon 107 Proof:

“Founded in 1976 on the Texas High Plains near Lubbock, Llano Estacado Winery has a storied history. The company has been making great wines for more than three decades. They called Garrison Brothers in 2015 and asked if they would consider a collaboration and the distillery jumped at the chance. Ten 15-gallon barrels that had held straight bourbon for four years were poured into eight large Port Wine barrels for finishing. Every three months after that, Master Distiller Donnis Todd dutifully tasted samples from each of the barrels. After two years, the newest of the Garrison Brothers Handcrafted Experimentals Collection was born.”

“Life is simply too short to waste on cheap sourced whiskey.” – DAN GARRISON

“The relentless Texas heat is brutal. Out here, it’s 100 degrees nine months out of the year; hotter inside a steel barn. It might seem crazy to buy the highest quality barrels and torture them in this heat, but doing so allows our bourbon to suck all the flavor it can from our new American oak barrels.

As it matures, the bourbon cycles through the wood’s pores and crevices, soaking in the sugars from the sap, and yielding an aroma brimming of butterscotch, nutmeg, and vanilla. Notes of fruit dominate the palate, with hints of butter, whipped cream, angel food cake and oak. The finish is smooth, with chocolate and espresso notes. A true tour de force of flavor.”

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