G.E. Massenez Eau De Vie Marc D'alsace
G.E. Massenez Eau De Vie Marc D’Alsace 750ml
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G.E. Massenez Eau De Vie Marc D’Alsace 750ml

$132.98 $113.03

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G.E. Massenez Eau De Vie Marc D’Alsace

By definition, a Massenez Eau De Vie is a spirit that is distilled from the fermented mash of fruit. G.E. Massenez uses the only choice, ripe, hand-picked fruit. The mark of gewürztraminer is one of the only french brandies of the controlled appellation. It is a brandy with powerful flavors, with much density, and a very developed aroma which very subjectively expresses fruity noble grain of gewürztraminer. It is then regarded as a brandy of great quality.

Massenez Eau De Vie is colorless and perfectly transparent. The nose is decidedly based on the varietal, truly unmistakable. The taste is warm and satisfying. A clear sensation of balance dominates with the fruity which reappears with an intense aromatic persistence.

The elaboration of this eau-de-vie requires that the Gewurztraminer grape pomace is left to ferment. The pomace used is moist and not overpressed, to ensure a better yield of the final product.

The distillation takes place in a discontinuous manner and involves an aging process in a cask for 2/3 years.
The resulting distillate is a unique product, with clear varietal references. Excellent as an aperitif, it can also be enjoyed in the company of cold desserts, such as lemon sorbet.

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