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Founding Spirits American Whiskey
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Founding Spirits American Whiskey


Pot stilled and barrel-aged for at least 18 months at copper fox distillery, using locally grown Virginia corn, oats, wheat, and barley, we blend it in-house at Founding Spirits American Whiskey. Our unique, small-batch American whiskey delivers a savory and smooth spirit. That can be enjoyed in many ways, but we suggest keeping it simple and sipping it over ice.

All great things take time. We’ve been working on our handcrafted, true American-made Whiskey since we began our distilling adventures in 2009. Pot stilled and barrel-aged for at least 18 months at Copper Fox Distillery using our good friend and farmer, the late Billy Dawson’s Virginia-grown corn, wheat, barley, and oats we proof, blend, and bottle our American Whiskey at our DC distillery, Founding Spirits.

Our American Whiskey is unique. The small-batch blend has a rich, smooth, and earthy taste that can be enjoyed in many ways. We think you’ll agree, it was well worth the wait.

Book a Tour & Tasting at our DC distillery for a taste of what we consider to be the best American-made whiskey. Our Founding Spirits American-blended Whiskey is also available at fine retailers or for purchase online on our website. Our small-batch spirits are also available wholesale.


The whisky pours the color of toasted straw with a pronounced dullness throughout the glass which fades to a pallid shade of beige around the edges. Legs are present and quite speedy.


That neutral woody nose reminiscent of particle board leaps out from the first sniff of this whisky. Notes of vanilla creep up to help support the burly oak profile. An air of fresh-baked buttery pastry is weaved throughout multiple inhalations, and there is a finishing note of fresh-cut grass that stimulates the palate with a green freshness.


As soon as this golden liquid hits the tongue, a perceptible balance between viscosity and alcohol burn sets the stage for an intense experience. The ‘green’ element noticed earlier in the nose translates wonderfully into a leafy, earthy,

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