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Flores Bela Osa Slivovitz Plum Brandy 750ml
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Flores Bela Osa Slivovitz Plum Brandy 750ml


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Flores Bela Osa Brandy Is Produced In The Area Of Shumadia Province. It Is Made Of Ripe Plums Containing Lots Of Sugar, Low Level Of Acids, And Are The Fruits Chemically Unpolluted And Perfectly Pure. Bela Osa Is Left To Stay In Stainless Steel Tanks Permitting The Drink To Conserve And Preserve Its White Color Even After Several-Years-Staying-Inside-The -Tank. A Modern Factory Production, Top Technology, Best Laboratory Control, A Century-Old-Family-Experience And The Author’s Professional Skill Are Guarantees For An Absolute World Maximum Obtained. It Should Be Consumed As An Aperitif And Digestive Liquor For Special Occasions As This Is Surely Merited By Its Tradition And Quality.

Country Uruguay
Region Flores
Type Spirits
Subtype Brandy

Tasting Notes Of  Flores Bela Osa Brandy

The mark consists of a label outlined in light blue with a white background. On top of the label is a sun design in silver and the word FLORES in silver. Beneath the sun design is a signature in light blue. All other wording and numbers in the mark, namely, KAMENICA KRAGUJEVAC, which is below the word FLORES, and SLJIVOVICA-SLIWOWITZ and SLIVOVITZ-PLUM BRANDY, which appear above and below the words BELA OSA respectively, as well as the alcohol percentage and volume information in either corner of the label, appear in black with the exception of BELA OSA, which appears in white outlined in silver.

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