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FEW American Whiskey

FEW American Whiskey


FEW American Whiskey, the grain-to-glass Illinois distillery, makes its American Whiskey by blending FEW Bourbon and FEW Rye whiskeys along with its new experimental cherrywood-smoked malt whiskey. There is no-age statement for this whiskey which is bottled at 46.5% ABV. The initial release for this product begins in September 2018 and is limited to Chicago and New York City with planned expansion for spring 2019.

Aromas of freshly picked Fuji apple and a hint of oaky spice with waves of vanilla and ginger. The palate shows sweet ginger, caramel, oak, and a hint of peppery spice. Baking spices lead into the finish with a dose of cocoa powder and toffee. Apples and hickory wood on the nose, with vanilla bean and brown sugar alongside the spiciness of ginger and cloves. The palate is a bit sharp on entry, with dry oak, ginger snap cookies, and caramel covered apples, as well as black pepper, nutmeg, and rye spice. The finish is short, with chocolate syrup, oak, chili pepper, and toffee.

The fantastic FEW American Whiskey Bourbon, packed full of toffee, clove, vanilla and warming spice goodness! This splendid craft beauty comes presented in a gorgeous bottle adorned with a label showing off some local heritage, depicting a scene from the Chicago World’s Fair of 1892. A vibrant spirit drink filled to the brim with character.

FEW American Whiskey Spirits hails from Evanston in the United States of America, a city that suffered Prohibition for over one hundred years thanks to many of its advocates hailing from its dry streets. Thankfully Evanston is now home to this excellent craft distillery which takes its name ironically from the initials of Frances Elizabeth Willard, a key figure in the Temperance Movement.


Cloves, vanilla and caramel form a rich and spicy aroma.


The flavour is sweet with notes of toffee and caramel with spicy notes of cardamom and cloves.


The finish is long and lingering with warmer spice notes tingling until the very end.


This is a spicy sip indeed, and great for it!

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