Ferro China Baliva Amaro Bitter Liqueur 750ml


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The recipe for this Ferro China Baliva Liqueur dates back to 1894 and was formulated by a Doctor Ernesto Baliva in Rome, Italy. It is less bitter and more approachable than many other ‘china’ (quinine) liqueurs and is made distinctive by iron citrate which adds delicious citrus notes. ‘Ferro’ would suggest that this liqueur will put iron, if not lead, in your pencil, and indeed this is a reference to its iron citrate content. ‘China’ is a contraction of Chinchona Chinchon, referring to extracts of bark from the cinchona tree, better known as quinquina or quinine.

Based Upon The Recipe Developed By Doct. Baliva In 1894, Pallini Offers The Infusion Based On Cinchona Bark Endowed With The Properties Of Iron, Which Has Been Awarded 8 Gold Medals. A Unique, Strong And Bitter Flavour For Those Who Want Something More Than A Digestive Liquor.

alc./vo l: 21%

Proof : 42°

Vintage : Non-vintage

Aged : No age statement

Product of : Italy

Tasting Notes Of Ferro China Baliva Liqueur


Clear but opaque, deep brown with a tinge of burgundy.


Herbal mocha coffee, roasted horse chestnut, vanilla and delicate spice.


Vanilla, creamy mocha coffee, lightly bitter bark and delicate complex spice.


Long herbal, chocolaty, creamy and delicately spicy finish.

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