Erstwhile Cuishe Mezcal 750ml
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Erstwhile Cuishe Mezcal 750ml


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Master Mezcalero: Juan Hernández Méndez
NOM: NOM-0496X
Agave Varietal: Cuishe
Scientific Name: Agave Karwinskii
Town / Municipality: Santiago Matatlán
State: Oaxaca
Fermentation: Natural, Open-Vat Fermentation In Wood
Still Type: Copper Alembic
ABV: 45%

Tasting Notes: An Herbal, Easy Drinking Mezcal From The Agave Karwinskii Family. This Mezcal Has A Bit Of Kick To It With Notes Of Pepper And Spices. Floral, Greenery, Banana, And Chipotle. On The Palate, The Banana Follows Through With A Hint Of Cinnamon Sticks, Clove, And Chinese Bitter Melon: An Understated But Natural Summoning Of The Festive Spirit And Warmth Of Our Favorite Holidays.

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