Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Sour Mash Straight Bourbon 750ml
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Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Sour Mash Straight Bourbon 750ml


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Amber Gold. Delicately Complex Teasing Aromas, With A Potpourri Of Spices, Floral Notes, And Complex Fruit (Oranges, Plum, Pineapple, Coconut). Soft And Smooth In Texture. Impeccably Balanced Flavors And Subtly Complex, With Notes Of Exotic Fruit, Subtle Spices, Almonds And Soft Honey Tones.

Whiskey: Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Sour Mash Bourbon

Named after Master Distiller Emeritus Elmer T. Lee, this whiskey is hand selected and bottled to the taste and standards which were set forth by Elmer T. Lee himself. Perfectly balanced and rich, as declared by the man who knew how great bourbon should taste!

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 90 (45% ABV)

Origin: United States

Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery



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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Bourbon
Brand Elmer T. Lee
Alcohol/vol 45%