Egan’s Single Grain Irish Whiskey -
Egan’s Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Egan’s Single Grain Irish Whiskey


Egan’s Single Grain Irish is an 8 Year Old Whiskey, non-chill filtered and bottled at 92 Proof.  It is named for a historical family distillery established in 1852 by Patrick Egan as P&H Egan, LTD and closed in 1968. As a grain whiskey, it is made with a column still and from a mix of grains, compared to the pot still and all-barley behind both Irish malts and Irish pot still whiskeys.

Although first and foremost a Bourbon drinker, I have found a really interesting Irish Whiskey to be a very satisfying trip down a different trail. It’s the whiskey I use to offer a softer, diverse perspective on life. Irish Whiskey has a very different flavor profile from Bourbon, which gives a much more “in your face” experience, while Irish Whiskey has more of a discovery process.

The look is a light, even pale golden color, with highlights of polished brass and shining gold with long reluctant legs. The nose is not aggressive, but is readily available and apparent. It is filled with oak and leather and earthy notes with some slight tingling in the nose, but no actual burn.

The palette experience begins with a creamy mid-mouth exposure and back. There are flavors of oak and a genuine earthiness with some light spice over the top of something similar to a simple syrup. The finish slowly appears with more oak and earth and actually adds some slight heat to the experience.

Selected by Jonathan V. Egan, a member of the sixth generation of the Egan family, this single grain Irish whiskey was allowed to mature in American oak bourbon barrels for a minimum of eight years. Jam packed with fruit and spice, this one.


Nose :

Vanilla fudge and caramel notes. Subtle oak and grassy notes.

Palate :

Charming sweetness & smooth vanilla, with a subtle hint of spice.

Finish :

Long, gentle and gaining in warmth.

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Category Whiskey
Region Ireland
Brand Egan’s
Alcohol/vol 46%

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Weight 750 lbs