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Edinburgh Gin Seaside 700ml
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Edinburgh Gin Seaside 700ml


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Inspired by the East Coast shoreline near Edinburgh, Seaside Gin was the first of our collaborations with Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing & Distilling MSC. Its shoreline botanicals including ground ivy, bladderwrack, and scurvygrass contribute to a spirit with distinctive minerality.

This is a limited edition expression from the lovely Edinburgh Gin folks – Seaside Gin! Making use of some intriguing Scottish ingredients from the coast, like seaweed, ground ivy, gorse flowers, and scurvy grass (which sailors used to eat when suffering from scurvy for its precious Vitamin C), they’ve created a superb summer tipple capturing the essence of the seaside. Sweet with a subtle salinity and a touch of minerals too.

Edinburgh Gin co-founder Alex Nicol wanted to create a gin that would celebrate the native botanicals of Scotland. On a quest to find unique Scottish botanicals, master distiller David Wilkinson began to look along the east coast of Scotland for inspiration.

Originally a limited edition product that was recently made part of the distillery’s core range, Edinburgh Seaside Gin is made with traditional gin botanicals, including grains of paradise, coriander, and cardamom, along with foraged Scottish botanicals, such as scurvy grass, ground ivy, and bladderwrack. Following distillation, this gin is bottled at 43% ABV.

This is a finely balanced gin with a fresh sweetness on the nose, soft salinity and herbaceous notes on the palate, and a clean finish.

Seaside Gin is at home in a crisp G&T, a briny Seaside Martini with olives and anchovy garnish, and a variety of classic cocktails.


The nose is of cardamom and citrus.


The palate is elegant light and incredibly smooth with spice.


Truly classic, long finish.

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