Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon 2007 750ml


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Deep Red/Gold In The Bottle, Shows Its Age Quite Well.You Rarely See This Color In A Whiskey As It Denotes A Great Deal Of Maturity And Aging.To See This Color In A Single Malt Scotch It Would Have To Be A To Older And About 4 – 10 X More Expensive. It Is A Beautiful Thing. On Swirling It Leaves A Thicker Coating On The Glass And Has More Legs And Heavier Body Than George T. Stagg Or Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

First Impression:

Dry, Almost Amontillado-Like Bouquet, Leather, And On More Warming: Char, Toffee, Some Spicyness, And A Faint Trace Of Marzipan.


Dry Start, Like A Old Dry Sherry At First, Medium Mouth Feel, Somewhat Like A XO Cognac, Whisper Down The Throat And Then Leaves A Rather Delicate Warming Considering The 90 Proof Almost Ethereal In Nature, But Unlike A Lot Of Older Bourbon Still Has A Lot Of Life Left To It. Most Bourbons Don’t Stand Up To Age Well, They Have A Very Turbulent Ride To Adolescence In New Fresh Charred Barrels And Dramatic Temperature Swings Hence Intense Respiration In The Barrel Which Leads To A Very Rapid Aging Compared To The Sedate Pace Of Other Spirits Many Of Which Use Recycled Barrels.

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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Bourbon
Brand Eagle Rare
Alcohol/vol 45%