Dos Maderas P.X. Cask Barrel 5+5 Years Old Rum -
Dos Maderas P.X. Cask Barrel 5+5 Years Old Rum

Dos Maderas P.X. Cask Barrel 5+5 Years Old Rum


Dos Maderas px 5 + 5 rum is made from a combination of rums from Barbados and Guyana. It is unique because of its triple aging process where for 5 initial years the rum is aged in the Caribbean in oak casks. Next px 5 + 5 is aged in Spain for 5 years in sherry casks, and lastly for 2 more years in even older sherry casks.

The dos Maderas family of rums are produced by bodegas Williams & Humbert, which is a well known Spanish winery founded by sir alexander Williams in the late 1800s. The region of Spain where the winery is located has a climate perfectly suited for wine and is known as Europe’s wine cellar.

This rum begins its life in both Barbados and Guyana, where it rests in American oak barrels for 5 years. It is later shipped to Spain where the rum is aged in ex-Palo Cortado sherry butts for 3 more years. Finally, the rum is then transferred to ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry butts for two years of aging.

A ‘double aged’ rum, although it could be considered to be triple aged. Rums from Barbados and Guyana are matured for five years in the Caribbean before being transported to Jerez where they are further matured in solera systems of Dos Cortados Palo Cortado Sherry casks (exactly the same as the 5+3) and then also Don Guido Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks.


Dark amber in color, each sip of this rum begins with a delicate and enticing nose of raisins, roasted peaches, ripe figs, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and hints of vegetal notes.


This is then immediately followed by a sweet and viscous palate of sticky dates, prunes, sherry, caramel, dark chocolate, honey, orange peels, coffee, leather, and tobacco.


A long and velvety finish of sherry, caramel, licorice, and nuts.

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