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Delord Xo Bas-Armagnac 750ml
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Delord Xo Bas-Armagnac 750ml


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Prosper Delord XO Bas-Armagnac began in 1875 as one of Armagnac’s traditional roving distillers, bringing his pot still to the various farms of Bas-Armagnac. His son Gaston took over in 1925, settling in the village of Lannepax, where great-grandsons Jerome and Sylvain now carry on the tradition, along with their father Jacques and Uncle Pierre. Delord grows all four of Armagnacs main grapes on its own 42 hectares, as well as working with other local growers. While they once bought wine to distill, on my last visit, Jerome Delord told me that the family has invested more in winemaking over the past decade and now only buys grapes, giving them even more consistency and quality control. Delord’s 25-year-old is one of the great Armagnac blends, a timeless classic.

One of our favourite Armagnacs, the Delord XO offers up some complex and spicy flavours whilst being suitably easy to drink. Great after a meal with some chocolate, nuts or dried fruits.

Born in 1875, Prosper Delord started the company as an itinerant distiller. He gained a reputation for his dedication and expertise by carting his traveling pot still around to the farms in the Bas Armagnac region. When his son Gaston took over in 1925 he officially founded the company name and established the business as a permanent site in Lannepax.

Launched in early 2016, Delord XO Bas-Armagnac is crafted using eaux-de-vie aged for at least 25 years! It’s got a fancy new style of bottle for Delord too – handsome stuff all around.

The bouquet features scents of vanilla bean, dark honey, nougat, pipe tobacco and rancio. The palate entry is fat and creamy; at midpalate intensely sweet flavors of honey, dark toffee and cocoa take charge. Texture is heavy. Finishes on a honeyed note.

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France- This exceptional Hors d Age displays a masterful balance of ripe fruit, wood and buttery orange pound cake. Smooth and deep with a wealth of rancio. Perfect for sipping.

Enticing and complex, this velvety XO is one to savor. The countryside perfume of this 15-year-old brandy evokes notes of fresh flower, hay, fig and vanilla, with a crème brûlée flavor that fades away ever so gently. Hard wax cap.