Decada Silver Tequila 750ml
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Decada Silver Tequila 750ml


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750 ml, 40% ABV, NOM 1433

Decada is a single estate tequila that harvests agave nearing the highest altitude possible above sea level. This elevation slows grow time but increases the brix content (sugar levels). Essentially the higher the elevation the sweeter and more round the tequila can become in flavor. To reach this full maturity it takes approximately 10 years of grow time. Distilleries typically will purchase agave from farms that sell plants before full maturity (aged 5-7 years on average) to make a greater profit and rotate the plants in the fields or purchase from lowland farmers where the brix content is lower. This is one of the huge benefits of being a single estate product.

Once Decada’s agave are harvested by the Jimadors they are cooked in steel ovens that are sealed from contaminates found in more traditional clay ovens that can create a more bitter taste in addition to an uneven cook which leads to less extraction. In filtration a process called ‘ozone” is used in which pure oxygen is added during this process to simultaneously aerate and purify leading to a smooth finish, and clean taste without a burn.

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