Deadwood Tumblin’ Dice 3 Year Old Straight Bourbon -
Deadwood Tumblin’ Dice 3 Year Old Straight Bourbon

Deadwood Tumblin’ Dice 3 Year Old Straight Bourbon


Last in our series of the current Proof and Wood Ventures Deadwood lineup is the Tumblin Dice Heavy Rye Bourbon. Between this, the Deadwood Bourbon, and the Deadwood Rye we’ve covered three different MGP mash bills and 2 different ages. A fun, quick, mini-tour of the basic MGP mash bills delivered at young ages.

Of all the MGP mash bills my favorite is the high-rye bourbon. Technically speaking the 21% rye is also a high-rye mash, but this 36% is the highest in their bourbon portfolio. Before we jump into the bourbon review I want to give another kudos to P&W for their transparency.

On all their bottles they prominently state it’s sourced from Indiana (MGP), which is awesome. But here on the Tumblin Dice Heavy Rye they take it one step further and include the mash bill on the back. And if it wasn’t already evident, they even say “sourced small batch” right on the label. Love it.

Formally “Deadwood Presents: Tumblin’ Dice,” which is a funny name by default. It’s three year old MGP bourbon, with a Redemption-style high-rye mashbill of 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley. There’s ample rye spice character alongside a burly wood aroma here, which, when coupled with the higher abv, gives the whiskey an immediate pop. Though just three years old it’s got at least enough maturity to create some semblance of balance, an initial note of peanut pairing fairly well with notes of dill, raisin, and crushed apples. Plenty of classic baking spice offers plenty to dig into later in the game, with a sharp, sometimes biting cinnamon note lingering on the finish. Versatile. 100 proof.


Ruddy oak


Sweet and oaky with notes of spice, dark fruit, char cocoa, caramel and a touch farmy.


Sweet and spicy with notes of peanut brittle, oak, dried dark fruit, baking spices, cocoa, char, caramel and bits of vanilla and citrus.


Long -> Spice, oak and dark fruit.


Good sense of balance, full body and a lightly oily feel.

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