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Dad’S Hat White Rye
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Dad’S Hat White Rye


Based in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Dad’s Hat White Rye is one of the darling craft distillers of the modern mixology movement. Focused exclusively on young rye whiskeys, the basic Dad’s Hat White Rye mashbill involves 80% rye, 15% malted barley, and 5% malted rye. Grains are sourced locally, and aging is done in smaller barrels.


Rye! Grassy and explosive, with a healthy dollop of tropical fruit (I can’t tell… pineapple? Coconut?), a woodsy pine/eucalyptus note which seems to be the hallmark of young rye, and a dry herbal kick of something like anise or fennel.


Medium-heavy body, slightly chewy. A heavy dose of spice cabinet, primarily cinnamon and clove, which come across as fresh, not dusty. Slightly bitter vegetal notes pervade the midpalate, like green peppercorn and mown grass.


Medium in length. The pine notes return, as does the grass. A ghostly note of caraway comes and goes, and the whole fades with cinnamon, now stale.

With Water:

Several drops of water amp up the grassy notes, alas, covering up some of the fruit. The palate becomes sweeter – cinnamon rolls – and brings out menthol on the finish. Try both with and without water.


A rough-and-ready craft rye with a perfectly-chosen ABV, an eclectic but coherent array of rye aromas and flavors, and a few surprises. The grassy youth of the rye comes through like light through a tattered window curtain, sometimes marring the experience.

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Dad’s Hat White Rye, derived direct from the still and diluted down to a potent 100 proof, is our spiritual throwback to the good old days of clandestine Appalachian distilling. The Dad’s Hat White Rye is a crystal clear distilled spirit that’s pure, spicy and complex the perfect fit for all your favorite cocktails. Dad’s Hat White Rye adds a spicy note to this small-batch spirit, which features big pineapple and banana notes that wind into clove and cinnamon on the finish. It’s 100 proof and feels it-consider mixing this into a fruity drink.

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Category Rye
Region United States, Pennsylvania
Brand Dad’s Hat
Alcohol/vol 50%
Proof 100.00

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Weight 750 lbs