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Dad’S Hat Rye Whiskey 750ml
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Dad’S Hat Rye Whiskey 750ml


Straight rye from the Dad’s Hat range, made with locally harvested grain from Pennsylvania and aged for at least 3 years before bottling at 47.5% ABV. Boasting all those yummy spices you’re accustomed to finding in rye whiskies, with a good helping of creamy vanilla sitting right at the core.

Going back to colonial days, Pennsylvania had a long tradition of distilling sweeter, more robust Monongahela rye-also called Pennsylvania rye. Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey is giving that style a resurgence. The bright and fruity scent mixes vanilla and tropical fruit.


Rye! Grassy and explosive, with a healthy dollop of tropical fruit, a woodsy pine/eucalyptus note which seems to be the hallmark of young rye, and a dry herbal kick of something like anise or fennel.


Medium-heavy body, slightly chewy. A heavy dose of spice cabinet, primarily cinnamon and clove, which come across as fresh, not dusty. Slightly bitter vegetal notes pervade the midpalate, like green peppercorn and mown grass. At first this appears original and inventive, but then quickly betrays the youth of the spirit.


Medium in length. The pine notes return, as does the grass. A ghostly note of caraway comes and goes, and the whole fades with cinnamon, now stale.

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Classic rye recipe features only rye grain and malt to deliver a pure expression of Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey. Barrel aging for least six months in charred, new oak quarter casks allows the genuine rye flavor to evolve quickly. As a result, the small batch whiskey is ensured of reaching the right balance of complexity and smoothness. The final product Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey is a very smooth spirit that delivers the up-front spice that rye is known for while finishing with a full, round mouthfeel.
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Category Rye
Region United States, Pennsylvania
Brand Dad’s Hat
Alcohol/vol 45%
Proof 90.00

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Weight 750 lbs