Crown Royal Regal Apple Canadian Blended Whisky
Crown Royal Regal Apple Canadian Blended Whisky 750ml
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Crown Royal Regal Apple Canadian Blended Whisky 750ml

$74.98 $67.48

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Crown Royal Regal Apple Canadian Blended Whisky

Unwind in luxury with a glass of Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Whisky. Infused with regal gala apples and hints of caramel and spice, our 70 proof whisky provides a refined, crisp taste. Made with the signature smoothness of traditional Crown Royal and matured to perfection, our apple flavored whisky will enhance any cocktail party or celebration. Simply mix with cranberry juice and pour over ice for a refreshing tasting Crownberry Apple cocktail.

It has the same great balance and smooth quality you expect of Crown Royal but with an injection of crisp apple infused flavor which lifts it, making it entertaining and frisky. It might become the life of the party.

The apple is present right from the start. Stimulating fragrances of fresh apples and spicy vanilla. It opens at the taste with a crisp slight apple tartness which is pert, yet this is beautifully balanced by the light spices and rich creamy caramel sweetness of the Crown Royal at its core. The plump apple notes remain, buoyant with their sweetness at the finish which is lasting, smooth and full-bodied.

A vibrant liquor for those fun filled nights. Enjoy it as a shot. Or savor more slowly on the rocks. It makes incredible, delicious cocktails with a fresh and vibrant new twist.

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Category Whiskey
Region Canada, Whiskey
Brand Crown Royal
Alcohol/vol 35%