Corazon Reposado Single Estate Tequila 750ml
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Corazon Reposado Single Estate Tequila 750ml


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Corazón Tequila Reposado is categorized as a Reposado. Type is determined by age, and this spirit is aged for 8 months. Generally, Reposado (“rested”) tequilas are aged in wooden barrels between two and twelve months. A wide variety of barrels are used for aging, from French Oak to Whiskey barrels. The type of barrel will have a significant impact on the subtle flavors of the product.


Much of the flavors and characteristics of a whiskey are drawn up from the wood that the spirit is matured in. Oak is the wood used most often in the maturing of spirits due to its durability and high level of natural occurring oils. These oils, called vanillins, are the main component in imparting flavor on the spirit aged within the barrel.


The agave used in Corazón Tequila Reposado is extracted using a Shredder – Roller. This tequila was double distilled in a stainless steel pot still. Normally repeated distillation produces a smoother, more pure spirit.

Tasting Notes:


Pale bronze


Complex, intriguing,shows subtle agave and cedar notes, sweet fragrances such as vanilla, dry dates and almonds.


Warm and expanding long lasting finish enriched by spicy and oaky notes.

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Category Tequila
Region Mexico, Tequila
Brand Corazon
Alcohol/vol 40%