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Cold River Blueberry Vodka
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Cold River Blueberry Vodka


Cold River Blueberry Vodka Is A Flavored Vodka Unlike Anything On The Market. The Alcohol Used To Make The Vodka Is Produced Using The Same Process As Cold River Classic Vodka, But That Is Where The Similarity Ends.

We Use World-Famous Wyman’s Wild Maine Blueberries, Smaller And More Intensely Flavored. We Soak Or Steep Them In Alcohol For Several Days. After The Steeping Period, The Blueberry Alcohol Is Filtered Off The Blueberries. We Add A Miniscule Amount Of Sugar And Some Water. We Then Take That Solution And Mix It Into Our Vodka.

There Are Two Critical Differences Between Our Flavored Vodka And The Rest Of The Market. First, Our Blueberry Vodka Has Only 1% Sugar. The Rest Of The Flavored Vodkas On The Market Have Anywhere From 12% To 15% Sugar.

Second, Our Blueberry Vodka Is A “True” Vodka At 80 Proof. The Rest Of The Flavored Vodkas On The Market Are 70 Proof (Or Less). This Is Because The Other Manufacturers Add A Flavored Mix To Their Basic 80 Proof Vodka. At Cold River We Start With A Specially Made 90 Proof Vodka And Then Add Our Wild Blueberry Flavoring.

Cold River Blueberry Flavored Vodka is preferred by connoisseurs and bartenders because it mixes well and lacks the overpowering sweetness that can ruin a fine cocktail. And the real beauty of its subtle and smooth flavor comes out even more when sipped neat or on the rocks.

Enjoy the real taste of blueberry with true 80 proof potato vodka infused with the intense flavor of wild lowbush Maine blueberries. Whether sipped straight or mixed, it promises less sugar and a more authentic blueberry taste.


Kosher and Gluten Free

Tasting Notes:

Explosive aroma of fresh wild blueberries, truly room-filling and exquisite. Mouthfeel is fresh and satiny. Entry is floral without being perfumy, fruity without being at all sweet. Very dry finish, smooth and complex. Lowbush Maine blueberries for miles and miles. Perfect in a Blueberry Cosmo or Blueberry Lemonade.

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