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D’Usse Vsop Cognac 750ml
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D’Usse Vsop Cognac 750ml


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Masterfully crafted at D’usse VSOP Cognac, one of the oldest Cognac houses in France. Naturally aged to a beautifully bold blend with a rich bouquet of woody notes and a touch of cinnamon. Distinctively smooth flavors of spice, almond, and cinnamon with dried fruit accents.

D’USSE is a new brand, however, it’s produced by Baron Otard, which has a history stretching back centuries, not to mention its own castle, the Château de Cognac along the Charente river. The Baron Otard label itself has never been for sale in the United States.

Enter, D’USSÉ’s lineup, which was designed from the start to appeal to the American palate. The VSOP incorporates Eaux-de-vie aged between four and eight years and is meant to either hold up on its own or work well in mixed drinks.

A taste experience with no comparison. D’usse VSOP is a truly warm and refreshing take on cognac. After creating a legacy in cognac ranges around the world, D’usse’s French cognac emblems courage, honor, and perseverance which truly reflects its enthralling and flavourful character. D’usse is distinctive, bold, and nothing short of excellence.

D’USSÉ is masterfully crafted at the prestigious Chateau de Cognac, one of the oldest cognac houses in France. It has a 200-year legacy in blending some of the world’s finest spirits. With two limestone cellars, one dry and one humid, it is the perfect natural environment for aging cognac. You can count D’USSÉ VSOP as one of its most distinguished accomplishments.

Throughout French history, those who march boldly forward carry the Cross of Lorraine. It is France’s fabled emblem of courage, honor, and perseverance. Today, it is the only icon that could represent our march forward to create a new legacy.


A rich, brooding amber that catches the light with golden shimmers.


Powerful bouquet, rich in woody notes, layered with touches of cinnamon and floral notes.


Distinctly and unexpectedly smooth, with each taste, you savor hints of spices, almonds, and cinnamon. Subtle hints of honey and dried fruits in the finale.

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