Cognac Park Vintage 1975 Fins Bois -
Cognac Park Vintage 1975 Fins Bois
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Cognac Park Vintage 1975 Fins Bois


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Featuring as part of their limited edition collection of Vintage Cognacs, the Park Cognac 1975 Fins Bois is an age-specific Cognac from the mid-70s. Park Cognac is fast becoming recognized as masters of creating such unique bottlings, as a selection of the finest Tessendier Eaux-de-vie is used.

Aged in natural, humid cellars in the family distillery at the heart of Jarnac, the Tessendier family weighs over four generations of savoir-faire. This is a one-of-a-kind Vintage that perfectly exemplifies the power of the Fins Bois terroir when its eaux-de-vie are left to mature for a sufficient amount of time.

The Vintage is lightly toasted to tease out the delicately sweet flavors from the wood, such as honey, vanilla, and custard. It is crafted with 100% Ugni Blanc grapes from the Fins Bois which provide freshness and finesse and allow the characteristics of each terroir to shine through.

Aged in oak barrels with a capacity of 350 liters, firstly in new barrels and then the Cognac is transferred to used casks, mainly from the Limousin forest.

Park Cognac double-distill their Vintage Cognacs using traditional copper pot stills of 30-hectare liters; it is this process that makes it possible to obtain complex, finely elaborated spirits. This is also known as the ‘Charentais’ method.

Usually, the Fins Bois is renowned for being a terroir with a quick aging environment, and its subsequent flowery bouquet. It is the largest of all of the Cognacs terroirs, and circles around three others. It has a varied soil composition, of limestone, clay, and a very particular flavor.

This is a fabulous Cognac from Cognac Park, distilled in 1975 and bottled at 44% ABV.  This is from a limited production run of 324 bottles and comes in an elegant box.


Golden honey tone.


The full aromatic palate, with soft floral elements typical of a Borderies Cognac such as violet. You will also notice notes of acacia, nougat, sweet mango, quince, and dried apricots.


Soft, round taste with a power of culmination on the palate. Finish in Japanese oak casks brings depth, with complex and spicy notes such as white pepper, licorice, cinnamon, and vanilla. A marriage of flavors that makes for an exclusive product.

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