Citadelle Reserve Gin "Vintage 2017"
Citadelle Reserve Gin Vintage 2017
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Citadelle Reserve Gin Vintage 2017


Citadelle Reserve Gin is the world’s first solera aged gin. Solera aging is a process that has generally been reserved for aging cognacs, ports and sherries. It involves filling a series of casks at different intervals over a long period of time. As gin from the oldest cask is emptied and bottled, the cask is re-filled with an equivalent amount of gin from the second-oldest cask in the solera. This cascading effect continues until the youngest cask in the solera is filled with new gin. As a result, no cask in the solera is ever fully emptied. In addition, as the younger gin ages and cascades through the solera, its complexity and maturity gradually increases over time.

Citadelle Reserve Gin is matured in three different types of casks: American oak casks, which contribute hints of vanilla and caramel; ex-Pineau de Charente casks, which provide for a full body and lush, flowery roundness; and ex-cognac casks, which contribute hints of fresh grapes, citrus and and an elegant finish.

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