Chinaco Tequila Blanco
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Chinaco Tequila Blanco


The first sniffings find very delicate scents of dill, sage, and olive brine; in later whiffs a fine creaminess is discerned. The palate entry is crisply astringent and vegetal; at midpalate there is a butteriness bordering on toffee/caramel. Ends up clean, spirity, briny, and astringent.

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Chinaco® Blanco, like all Chinaco® Tequilas, is 100% agave tequila, with no other sugars added. It is bottled within 30 days after distillation and it delivers a remarkably fresh, clean taste perfect for margaritas or any mixed drink. Color: Crystal clear. Aroma: Pear, quince, dill and lime with a touch of aloe. Taste: Clean, smooth, fresh and bright. Comments: Wonderful in mixed drinks or premium margaritas.

Category Tequila
Region Mexico
Brand Chinaco
Alcohol/vol 40%

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Weight 750 lbs