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Charles Goodnight Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Charles Goodnight Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey


Charles Goodnight Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon is aged for roughly six years and bottled at a robust 100 proof. This Bourbon has rich aromas of oak and vanilla, leading to honey, birthday cake and cinnamon spice on the palate. The finish is long and smooth, accented with more oak and leather, reflective of Goodnight’s own, “tough as leather, smooth as velvet,” mantra.

This small-batch Bourbon offers a warm vanilla aroma with hints of coconut and almond. Quite hot and drying on the palate (it’s 100 proof, after all), it needs to be dosed with water to coax out vanilla, oak, coconut and an intriguing wisp of campfire smoke on the finish.

Charles Goodnight Small Batch 100 Proof bourbon hearkens to the call of the old “bottled-in-bond” 100 proof variety of bourbons. It is aged for 6 years sourced from an undisclosed location and undisclosed grain bill, though it appears to be a “high rye” style of bourbon. They also claim to use the “highest levels of char possible,” which suggests to us the “alligator #4 char” and provides the rich, earthy-driven taste idolized by many bourbon drinkers.

The bourbon is produced by contract out of California-based O’Neill Vintners & Distillers but owned and managed by David Foley of Foley Family Wines. This leads to an interesting whiskey that is sourced out of Kentucky.

Goodnight Small Batch Premium Bourbon is made from a marriage of hand-selected, six year old barrels. It has a markedly gentle, yet bountiful, aroma of vanilla and caramel, with trails of honey and spice on the palate and smoky tobacco on the finish.

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